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"This track hails from The Beatles’ first BBC session that George Harrison took on a lead vocal. It was also the last BBC session that Pete Best played drums on as one of The Beatles. George covers “A Picture Of You” which was already a hit song at the time of the session by Joe Brown and the Bruvvers. You may remember Joe Brown from his performances a few years ago at the Concert For George, but like The Beatles, his beginnings as a musician date back to the British skiffle movement of the late 1950′s. This session was recorded at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, UK on June 11, 1962 and also included “Ask Me Why” and “Besame Mucho.” The sound quality here is as good as it gets for this recording of a dated radio broadcast, though at the time, things were on their way to getting better for the band. The Beatles were within 3 months of recording their first single and changing the world.” - HappyNatThe Beatles Rarity

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You need to slap on some diapers if you really think you can’t be sexually harassed thru the internet 

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On the phone

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" Even if
you slit my throat,
I’d thank you
for touching my skin. "

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"Curiosity becomes a heavy load, to heavy to hold.”

Do me a favour - Arctic Monkeys 

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literally my favorite quote in the entire world

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